Be is a non-profit, aged care and health and well-being organisation, providing community services and transport solutions to over 32,000 people across Queensland. Be’s mission is to support and innovate to help people live fulfilling and meaningful lives, through excellence of delivery in services, world-class research, knowledge, and education.

Case Study: Re-imagining aged care and wellbeing
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The challenge

The non-profit sector often struggles to effectively capture the full scope of its services and impact. ComLink, primarily known for transport, needed a brand identity that reflected its diverse offerings in home care, social support, and community engagement, and its dedication to individual wellbeing.

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The solution

We implemented a strategic rebranding initiative, moving away from the legacy "ComLink" label and introducing "Be." This concise wordmark, paired with a colon, conveyed approachability and inclusivity, inviting everyone to join Be's journey towards a fulfilling life with different key terms creating sub-brands or areas of the business.

Sub-Brands for Targeted Impact:

Be: independent: This sub-brand catered specifically to home care services, offering comfort, dignity, and independence to clients in their own homes.

Be: connected: Represented and highlighted Be's transport and social support services, promoting community engagement and combating loneliness through shared activities and friendships.

Other - ie. Be: yourself. Be: inspired: The flexibility that this device offered allowed Be’s core mission of empowering individuals to embrace their unique paths and live their best lives to really shine through.

The story

Be’s strength as a word-mark is that there is always an intent, action or a result associated with it. It's present for the here and now. Be:together, Be:smart, Be:connected, Be:here, Be:home. Be:informed. Be:happy. As if it's the difference between clients just “living” and truly “being alive”. It has a wonderful sense of optimism and speaks to consumer control, choice and independence. And this name speaks to the flexibility of your business model to be whatever you want to “be”.

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The result

I have been fortunate to work with Adam as he transitioned a 34 year old organisation into a new era. The rebranding of ComLink to Be was a mammoth project where he engaged with the board, executive team, staff and clients to take everyone along on the journey. This went well beyond a simple change of logo and was used as a key platform to drive change into the organisation to enable Be to stay relevant and to grow in a rapidly changing market. Adam's strong empathy and inclusive nature allowed him to communicate with all parties to unite them in the transition to this new era. I have no hesitancy in recommending Adam.
Paul Cordell
Founder - Sage Fleet

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