Big F Encounters

Big F Encounters takes customers on fishing tours in Oman to catch some of the biggest fish around. They provide expertise, fun and adventure and were in need of a new brand identity, brand strategy and website to grow their business into the future.

Catch. Capture. Captivate.

It's always great when a client understands the importance of starting with strategy and the value of branding. This was the case with Big F Encounters.

The first step was working closely with the client to understand and define who they were as a business, who their customers were, how they wanted to position themselves against their competition, and what their brand story was.

Brand building is about building trust and a reputation. This is done through consistency and providing value, which is why defining the items listed above first is so important before developing the brand identity.

A crucial, yet often overlooked part of the brand building process is determining your brand story. As humans, we respond to stories. We’re emotional creatures, driven first by how we feel. The brand story, while also encompassing all elements of their public facing persona and material, was encapsulated in the following way:

"We offer keen anglers, who are looking for adventure but lack the expertise required, with an unforgettable experience catching the fish of a lifetime."

This was expanded from their new values of passion, connection, comitement, fun and adventure. The reason this story is so effective is because it clearly and succinctly outlines who they are talking to, what problem they are solving for those people, and how they are solving it.

Using the brand strategy, I then developed a new visual identity for the company, based on a new, simple and recognisable logomark. The shapes create a sense of motion, momentum and strong sense of direction. In the spirit of capturing the moment (one of the core elements of their business philosophy), the fish icon is captured in the circle, with the colours representative of a shorline and the warm sand of oman.

Lastly, I developed a brand new website, with a focus on putting exciting, action packed photography front and center to attract new customers.

This was a really fun project to work on and I look forward to seeing it all in action.

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Brand strategy, Brand Story, Positioning, Vision, Mission and Values, Brand voice, Brand identity, Web design
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