Chef Notepad

Chef Notepad helps busy chefs to easily and efficiently store and manage their recipes, food costs and more so that they can focus on doing what they do best - prepare delicious food.

The perfect kitchen companion tool

Chef Notepad is a custom-built Saas (Software as a service) product which enables chefs to cost their recipes, store ingredients, manage stocktake and suppliers, all while accounting for the complexities of kitchen and restaurant operations. I worked closely with a QLD based chef to bring his vision to life.

Chef Notepad is a program built by chefs for chefs. The challenge was to build a program that was simple and user friendly but still took into account the complexities of food costs, wastage and a number of other things I had no idea chefs had to contend with.

The solution was to create a friendly, modern brand to accompany a minimal and easy to use program which accelerates a chefs workflow.

An iPad on a kitchen bench scrolling through the Chef Notepad website
Mockups of Chef Notepad on a tablet and mobile device
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Services provided

Brand Identity, Web design, User Experience, Messaging
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Guillaume Zika - Founder Chef Notepad
"I had a good idea of what I wanted to create but Adam brought it to the next level. He managed to transform a complex recipe calculator into a simple, clean and user friendly program accessible from any device. He's always willing to help and offer advice to make your business grow organically and efficiently. Chef Notepad is now a strong brand and has hundreds of users across the world. Thanks again Adam for your amazing work!"