exsona exists to improve happiness - the happiness of employees, leaders and organisations. They design successful and impactful strategies to improve your workplace culture, how you attract, retain and engage your people and become true employers of choice.

A brand built on happiness

At the heart of the exsona brand is the idea of happiness. A positive and supportive workplace culture is key to a healthy and productive team, and happiness was at the core of the brand strategy development. I knew that capturing the essence of happiness in a way that was playful, unique and professional was going to be the key and settled on the concept of a smile.

Early on, I experimented with different smile concepts, but realised, as is always the case, that simple is best. I wanted to represent the smile in the most straightforward way possible, creating a logomark that was both memorable and meaningful. Incorporating the smile into the wordmark on the 'e' in 'exsona' tied everything together perfectly, creating a cohesive and memorable logo.

Our mood-boarding session was an exciting time, as we landed on an aesthetic and colour scheme that was bright, varied and boldly stood out from other similar businesses. In the wellbeing space, many brands play it safe, so I wanted to create something that was eye-catching, and positive. I aimed to create an identity that allowed for plenty of exploration and variation. The fingerprint pattern is a subtle but effective way to represent individuality. Each fingerprint is unique, just like each employee. The pattern also represents leaving your mark, which is something that exsona encourages employees to do.

The photography puts the staff members front and centre as the hero's of the story. Big smiles, happy faces, colourful clothing and individuality are on full display.

All of these elements came together to create a visual identity that truly embodies the essence of exsona. It's a brand that stands out from the crowd, makes you smile, and encourages employees to be themselves. Whether it's through the logo, the colours, or the photography, the exsona brand brings happiness to the workplace, empowering and supporting employees every step of the way.

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Brand strategy, Brand Positioning, Vision, mission, values, Audience and customer profiles, Brand voice and personality, Brand story, Brand identity, Graphic Design
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Ryan McGrory - Founder of exsona
It's rare to work with someone who understands (and can deliver on) both design and strategy work, so it was great to work with Adam on a number of pieces. He is easy to work with, get along with - and most importantly, he took things to the next level. Over-delivered on everything, and put my business in a much better place. 100% recommend and endorse Adam's work.