exsona exists to improve happiness - the happiness of employees, leaders and organisations. They design successful and impactful strategies to improve your workplace culture, how you attract, retain and engage your people and become true employers of choice. This case study explores how we crafted a brand identity that captures the essence of exsona's playful, human-centric philosophy.

Case Study: Bringing Happiness to Work with exsona's Brand Identity
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The challenge

In a competitive wellbeing space saturated with beige-toned brands, exsona needed a distinctive identity that captured their playful, human-centric approach to workplace happiness. Their existing brand failed to communicate and represent how experienced and recognised they were in their industry.

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The solution

We undertook a strategic rebranding initiative, developing a vibrant and memorable brand identity built around the universal symbol of happiness: the smile - in an effort to ‘level up’ the look, feel and sound of the organisation.

The Smile: The lowercase "e" in "exsona" was redesigned to form a simple yet iconic smile, instantly conveying the brand's core message.

Bold Colour Palette: Vibrant colours - In addition to the green, a varied palette of purple and yellow and blue added optimism and energy, setting exsona apart from the typical neutral colour palettes in the space.

Fingerprint Motif: Subtle fingerprint patterns symbolized individuality and leaving a mark, aligning with exsona's focus on employee agency and impact.

Brand Strategy: We identified exsona's ideal clients and employees through our brand strategy workshop, tailoring communication strategies to resonate with their specific needs and values. We developed a new vision, and values for the business, and most importantly, developed a new brand story to underpin all future marketing efforts.

The story

At the heart of the exsona brand is the idea of happiness. A positive and supportive workplace culture is key to a healthy and productive team, and happiness was at the core of the brand strategy development. The photography puts the staff members front and centre as the hero's of the story. Big smiles, happy faces, colourful clothing and individuality are on full display. It's a brand that stands out, makes you smile, and encourages employees to be themselves. Whether it's through the logo, the colours, or the photography, the exsona brand brings happiness to the workplace, empowering and supporting employees every step of the way.

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The result

It's rare to work with someone who understands (and can deliver on) both design and strategy work, so it was great to work with Adam on a number of pieces. He is easy to work with, get along with - and most importantly, he took things to the next level. Over-delivered on everything, and put my business in a much better place. 100% recommend and endorse Adam's work.
Ryan McGrory
Founder - exsona

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