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The Museum of Sticks and Stones, a mental health non-profit, sought a website redesign to transform its digital hub to support its mission of fostering understanding and dismantling barriers. Their previous website was outdated, broken, and failed to capture the energy of their mission.  The new website needed to tell their story powerfully, and provide clear avenues for public engagement and support.

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The challenge

The Museum of Sticks and Stones website faced several critical challenges:

  • Ineffective Storytelling: The existing site didn't clearly articulate the museum's purpose, projects, or the impact of its work. This made it difficult to connect with visitors on an emotional level and inspire them to take action.
  • Missed Opportunities: The website lacked a clear pathway for involvement. Visitors, potential partners, and funders struggled to understand how they could support the museum's efforts.
  • Brand Misalignment: After a recent rebranding, the website needed to be overhauled to cohesively reflect the museum's evolved identity and consolidate information from previous projects under the now retired spur brand.
  • Technical Difficulties: Broken elements, poor responsiveness, and outdated design created a frustrating user experience. This compromised the museum's credibility and discouraged engagement.
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The solution

To address the challenges, a complete website overhaul was undertaken. The solution focused on these core areas:

  • Compelling Narrative:  We crafted a website that told the Museum of Sticks and Stones' story with clarity and emotional resonance. Key messaging emphasised the museum's mission, impact, and the importance of building empathy in a divided world.
  • User-Centric Design:  The new design prioritised intuitive navigation, accessibility, and seamless functionality.
  • Calls to Action: We integrated clear pathways for involvement, whether through partnerships, donations, becoming a "Curator," or simply spreading awareness of the museum's work.
  • Visual Storytelling:  We used powerful visual elements and imagery to contribute to telling the story. For example, our Stories page, which highlights the stories of online bullying and harm, used a silhouetted image reveal effect to highlight the way that people use their anonymity online to dehumanise others. Carefully selected imagery, videos, and dynamic content vividly showcased the museum's projects and their real-world impact.
  • Brand Consolidation:  The design incorporated the museum's updated visual identity, ensuring a cohesive and powerful brand experience. We merged content from previous projects to present a unified vision.

The story

The Museum of Sticks and Stones was born from a deep understanding that hate, while a destructive emotion, is undeniably part of our shared human experience. However, it  doesn't define us. This museum believes that the foundation of a strong, resilient society lies in fostering empathy, connection, and understanding across lines of difference.

Through art, play, history, and education, the Museum of Sticks and Stones offers a space for diverse perspectives to meet. They provide tools and experiences that help us understand the origins of hate, challenge our biases, and build stronger, more compassionate communities.

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The result

The Museum of Sticks and Stones website redesign has transformed their digital hub into a powerful tool for community engagement and social change.  The new website resonates deeply with visitors through its compelling storytelling and clear messaging, inspiring them to get involved and support the museum's mission. The website embodies the museum's commitment to fostering empathy, understanding, and action, feeling dynamic, relevant, and tangible. Its improved design and clear articulation of the museum's work create a stronger case for potential funders and partners, and reinforce the Museum of Sticks and Stones as a credible and impactful force within the mental health and social change landscape.

William Smith-Stubbs
CEO at Museum of Sticks and Stones

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