Dr Priyanka is driven to provide the support, tools and resources she wishes she had access to at an earlier age for mental health, confidence and resilience.

Case Study: The Wellbeing Designer - Empowering Authenticity, Inspiring Confidence
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The challenge

Dr. Priyanka Naidu, a passionate researcher and wellbeing expert, found herself trapped within the limitations of her old brand, "Interested in Research." It failed to capture her dynamic personality, her bold approach to wellbeing, and her mission to empower individuals to live their lives authentically, shedding their fear of what others think.

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The solution

We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey, crafting a new identity as "The Wellbeing Designer." This name perfectly encapsulated Dr. Naidu's unique approach – not simply providing information, but actively designing personalised strategies for individual wellbeing.

A vibrant colour palette and modern typography reflected Dr. Naidu's energy and optimism. We designed a user-friendly website that mirrored Dr. Naidu's warmth and expertise. Visitors can embark on a personalised journey, discovering resources, tools, and Dr. Naidu's own story with her own vulnerabilities and triumphs. The website became a safe space for self-discovery and a springboard for positive change.

The story

Bold & Italic: Unpacking the Tagline:

"Live life in bold and italics" became more than just a catchy tagline; it became the core narrative of the brand. Living life in "bold" represents courage, the willingness to stand out and chase dreams. The "italics" symbolises embracing individuality, proudly showcasing one's unique voice and perspective.

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The result

The Wellbeing Designer empowers individuals to shed fear, embrace their uniqueness, and design a life filled with boldness and authenticity. Through effective storytelling, a personalised website, and a captivating visual identity, we successfully helped Dr. Naidu shed her old label and step into her true colours, inspiring others to do the same.

"Massive thanks Adam for crafting a digital space that feels like me, supports my goals, and for helping me uncover the values that underpin my work. It was such a joy to work with you! I would highly recommend you to anyone that needs help with brand strategy and design. Thanks again!"
Dr. Priyanka Naidu
Founder - The Wellbeing Designer

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