Vitality Village

The Vitality Village model offers a new, unique and innovative approach to the advancement of health and wellbeing in a community setting through both its focus on bringing tenants and partners together for ideas generation, information and knowledge exchange, and collaboration; and importantly, its commitment to an innovation agenda.

Inventing the future of health and wellbeing

I was proud to be a key member of the project team for Vitality Village as well as take on the role of Marketing Manager. Working alongside talented members of JSA Creative in Brisbane we developed an engaging, colouful brand identity.

I also led the marketing initiatives, managing PR and media, creating videos and promoting the vision and ambition of the project achieving 70% tenancy occupation before the building opened and build a strong local reputation for the business.

My work involved developing a Marketing and Content Strategy, building a brand identity including vision and mission statements and applying a tone of voice, and working closely with the CEO to create resources, videos and other promotional content to attract tenants and project partners.

The Vitality Village logo on a green design
An animated gif of the Vitality Village prospectus brochure design
A mockup of a landing page for Vitality Village
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Services provided

Brand Positioning, Messaging, Brand voice and personality, Customer journey, Roadmap, Marketing Strategy, Digital marketing, Content strategy, Print collateral, Graphic Design
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