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Brand Strategy, Positioning and Storytelling

It all begins with strategy.

A crucial, yet often overlooked part of the process is building your brand strategy and determining your brand story. We do this by exploring different elements of your brand, from your mission statement, core values, brand voice and personality, to delving into and understanding your competitors, your target audience and deciding how you can position your business to set yourself apart. What are your customers problems and challenges, and how can you solve them?

By doing this groundwork, it becomes easier to develop a compelling story that will appeal directly to the people who need your product or service.


Brand Identity Design that stands out

A key part of a compelling brand is a strong visual identity. The includes, but extends much further than your logo. A strong logo, is a very useful tool for building a brand, but it's important that everything from your website, to any print materials, to your social media content is all consistent, and aligned with the larger overall brand story.

Design goes much further than making things look pretty. I approach my design from the perspective of understanding what problem we're trying to solve. Designing a beautiful website or logo is one thing, designing a website or logo that achieves your business goals is something else entirely.


Messaging to communicate your story clearly

The final part of the story, is often the most challenging. Many businesses struggle with being able to clearly articulate what they want to communicate. Even if they get as far as figuring out what distinguishes them from their competition, they are often unable to find a way to communicate that effectively and in a way that will engage and appeal to their target audience.

The third part of the process is taking developing the language and words which will sell your business. This can take the form of a tagline, elevator pitch, website copy, or campaign specific messaging.

Building a brand story


Brand Strategy

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